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We solve complex problems through the responsible and ethical use of data, AWS technology, and AI.

AWS-Powered Cloud Innovation

Database Services

We help you migrate and modernize your existing databases for unlimited scalability and increased availability at a lower cost.

AI and Machine Learning

Achieve the creation of machine learning programs that evolve over time and provide new insights about your customers.

Cloud Migration

We migrate your Big Data and AI platforms to the cloud, always seeking a Serverless approach that maximizes and optimizes the use of AWS to make the most of it and enables you to evolve in an agile and efficient manner.

Data and Analytics

Set up scalable data lakes, pipelines, and analytical infrastructures capable of handling large volumes of information.

Data Governance

We provide security and trust in your data, analysis, and decision-making processes. We transform your business approach to proactivity, helping you fully appreciate the value of your data.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Efficiently manage numerous smart devices through cloud-based IoT solutions.

Management Services

Enhance the efficiency of your cloud infrastructure and reduce costs with our services and expertise. At Daus Data, we offer continuous monitoring and supervision of your AWS solutions.

Data Quality

At Daus Data, we focus on the quality of your data. We work together to ensure its integrity, accuracy, and consistency. You will gain reliable data that drives the success of your business.

Accelerate your business with cutting-edge technology


Create secure Big Data environments.


  • Prevention with criminal activity and behavior pattern recognition.
  • Detection of anomalous behavior patterns in IT systems that identify infections and unwanted access.
  • Increase resilience. Have recovery simulation models against attacks and predict future types of cyberattacks.


Improve decision-making based on the large volume of data they produce and manage, with as close to real-time response time as possible.


  • Customer lifecycle forecasting.
  • Marketing campaign simulation.
  • Real-time analysis of service quality.
  • Automated resolution and response to network and service incidents.
  • Real-time performance, resource, and cost optimization.
    Talent map evolution planning.


Reduce planning and analysis time and optimize decision-making.


  • Aggregated sales, demand, and purchase forecasting.
  • Resource optimization and supply chain planning.
  • Stock optimization.
  • Sales scenario simulation.
  • Production plant optimization and early detection of incidents.


Improve productivity and optimize various distribution operations.


  • Movement optimization.
  • Demand prediction or simulation to anticipate stock management and the structure of logistics centers.
  • Optimization of transportation between warehouses.
  • Investment planning with growth forecasting and scenario simulation.
  • Geolocation optimization (warehouse and shelf).


Amplify knowledge and improve professional guidance for decision-making in the medical and therapeutic environment.


  • Advanced analysis of side effects in drug and medication development.
  • Technological environments for processing genomic information in real-time.
  • Prevention of injuries or pathologies with physical activity monitoring.
  • Optimization of socio-health services performance.
    Pandemic simulation.


Leverage AI, analytics, and Big Data to provide a differential value to investors and users.


  • Production and demand prediction.
  • Detection of consumption fraud.
  • Demand planning for new consumption models.
  • Customer segmentation and micro-segmentation.
  • Process and cost optimization.


Add greater added value and improve agility and operational optimization.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of current and future clients and offering personalized services.
  • Risk management and fraud prevention.
  • Optimization of office and ATM locations.
  • Personalized and real-time marketing.
  • Product labs.
  • Operational optimization (automation and AI).


Evolution of consumer demand and technological innovations.


  • Data-driven models and analytical value.
  • Analysis of customer behavior patterns.
  • Sales forecasting and result simulation.
  • Geolocation optimization for stores and shelf placement.

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