We are AWS partners

7 of August of 2023


Team – Daus Data

At Daus Data, we are certified specialists in AWS (Amazon Web Services). More specifically, we hold two prominent certifications that validate our expertise and success in delivering services related to AWS Glue and Amazon QuickSight.





These certifications hold significant value for both our clients and our company:



AWS Glue Delivery Certification



We are proud to announce that Daus Data has achieved AWS Glue Delivery certification, an accomplishment that accredits us as AWS partners with extensive experience and a proven track record in delivering AWS Glue-based solutions.


AWS Glue is a scalable, serverless data integration service that simplifies data discovery, preparation, and consolidation for various applications, including analytics and machine learning.


This certification is a testament to our commitment to technical excellence and our ability to assist clients in maximizing the value of their data.



Amazon QuickSight Delivery Certification



In addition to our AWS Glue Delivery certification, we are pleased to announce that we have obtained the Amazon QuickSight Delivery certification.


This certification validates our capability to maximize data value using Amazon QuickSight, a tool that provides comprehensive and interactive experiences for identifying trends, outliers, and key business factors.


Amazon QuickSight delivery partners, like Daus Data, can help clients securely connect their data, configure federated authentication/SSO and AD integration, create interactive dashboards, and integrate analytics into applications using the QuickSight SDK and APIs, following AWS best practices.




In Conclusion…



At Daus Data, our mission is to lead innovation and success with data in the world of AWS. These certifications reflect our ongoing commitment to technical excellence and our determination to provide exceptional solutions to our clients.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Daus Data and our capabilities in the AWS ecosystem!