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Boost your Business this Summer with AWS and lots of DD Power

21 of March of 2024



Summer is a crucial period for the service sector, especially in countries with a booming tourism industry. The influx of tourists leads to a significant increase in demand for accommodation, transportation, dining, and leisure activities. To capitalise on these opportunities, businesses in the sector must be prepared to successfully tackle operational and customer service challenges.


At Daus Data we understand the importance of maximising the technological solutions available on AWS to enhance operational efficiency and boost customer experience. Below, we explain how AWS can be a strategic ally for service and tourism businesses during the summer peak season.



Scalability and Flexibility in Resource Management


During summer, demand in the service sector can be unpredictable, with hotels, airlines, and tour operators facing sudden spikes in bookings and service usage. At Daus Data, we implement and manage scalable architectures on AWS that allow quick and efficient adjustment of computing resources, ensuring your business can handle unpredictable demand surges during summer without incurring excessive costs, guaranteeing optimal performance and operational cost savings.


Using AWS technology, we help forecast and adjust demand in real-time, ensuring companies always have the necessary capacity to handle increased load without incurring excessive costs.


Enhancing Customer Experience


In the digital age, customer experience is crucial for success.

With AWS technology, we can help “hyper-personalise” and enhance every interaction with customers. For instance, using Amazon Personalize, it’s possible to offer real-time personalised recommendations, suggesting tourist activities based on user preferences or customising offers from local restaurants and shops. At Daus Data, we have extensive experience in customer profiling to create personalised campaigns that improve conversion rates.


Additionally, Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact centre solution, allows businesses to provide faster and more efficient customer service. This is particularly useful during high-demand periods, where quick and high-quality service can make the difference between a satisfied and a dissatisfied customer.


Innovation in the Hotel Industry


We use our expertise with AWS technology to help hotels transform their operations and improve guest experiences. With AWS IoT, hotels can implement smart room systems, allowing guests to control lighting, temperature, and other devices via their smartphones. Additionally, with Amazon Lex, we create virtual assistants that respond to queries, manage bookings, and provide recommendations, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs. We specialise in integrating these technologies to optimise hotel management and provide personalised, efficient experiences.


Security and Regulatory Compliance


Data security is a constant concern in the service sector, where a large amount of personal and financial information is handled. At Daus Data, we design and manage security solutions on AWS that protect organisations’ data against cyber-attacks and ensure compliance with regulations. AWS technology provides a suite of security tools that help protect this information and comply with local and international regulations.


Services like AWS Shield and AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) protect against the aforementioned threats, while AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) ensures that only authorised personnel have access to sensitive information.



Data Analysis and Decision Making


The services sector is a highly dynamic environment, making the ability to make informed real-time decisions crucial. With Amazon QuickSight and our advanced expertise in Artificial Intelligence, at Daus Data we enable companies to rapidly analyse large volumes of data, gaining valuable insights into customer behaviour, market trends, and operational efficiency. This allows for real-time adjustments to strategies and operations, ensuring an effective and responsive approach to the ever-changing market conditions.



Benefits for the Transport Sector


Transport is another fundamental pillar of tourism, and AWS plays a crucial role in its modernisation. Airlines and ground transport companies use AWS to optimise routes, manage fleets, and enhance passenger experience. With the help of Machine Learning and AI, these companies can predict demand and adjust their operations accordingly, reducing costs and improving punctuality.


At Daus Data, we empower these organisations by implementing advanced AWS solutions with the help of AI, Generative AI, and Machine Learning techniques. We optimise routes and fleet management to improve punctuality, ensuring an unparalleled experience for passengers.


The hyper-specialisation of the Daus Data team in AWS technologies helps companies in the services and tourism sectors to fully leverage these solutions. We focus on offering personalised strategies that not only enhance operational efficiency but also elevate the customer experience, ensuring your business is prepared to face the challenges of the summer high season.

Are you ready to take your company to the next level this summer?